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Weddings are almost always wonderful events.  As a wedding DJ, I can tell you that very few memories in life will live up to the moment you say "I do."  As a married man, I can tell you that this is also the moment that the real work in your relationship begins.

I'm not saying that the work you put in as a couple before the big day is nothing - I'm just saying staying together is more work than getting together.  With that fact in mind, the Louisiana Family Forum is on the hunt for the couple in Louisiana that has done it the longest.

Just so you know, there are lots of folks in our state that know how to do it right, and that's why you shouldn't even consider throwing your name in the hat unless you have 70-plus years of wedded bliss under your belt.  Personally, I am about 55 years from that mark - but I'm looking forward to getting there.

Last year's championship couple were Gladys and Wallace Menard of Duson - they have been married for 81 years.  That's not the record, though.  According to WWL, the high bar is set at 84 years!

This year, the 10 couples at the top of the list (those with the longest marriages) will be officially entered into the “LFF Marriage Hall of Fame.”  The winners will be announced in conjunction with National Marriage Week (February 7th through the 14th).  Applications (which you can find right here) must be in no later than February 3rd.

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