I can't tell if this is awesome or cringe, or maybe a little bit of both.

In all reality, I;'m leaning towards awesome. Imagine this. You're a college basketball player at a low-level school. Low attendance is the norm, relatively quiet games.

You get fouled and head to the free throw line. No pressure, easy couple of points. The crowd is very thin so they shouldn't make you all too nervous. As you begin to let go of your shot, you hear the loudest, sharpest shriek you've ever heard in your life. What do you do now? After you launch an air ball of course.

That's exactly what this fan does during every single free throw attempt by her team's opponent.

I have to imagine this is the best approach to forcing a free throw to miss, honestly, how could anyone face that type of distraction.

Check it out below in all it's glory.


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