The Fallout franchise is experiencing a huge rush in popularity. The Amazon Prime series has launched the title beyond video games, and into full mainstream pop culture.

Going back to the beginning, Fallout was launched all the way back in 1997. When it was released, it was nothing like the more modern versions of the game. While the current games are more of an open-world 3D-combat take, the original game was more of a computer-based tabletop role playing game. Which was mostly due to the limitations of the computing power at the time.

But perhaps the biggest reason for Fallout's success was baked in from the start. The first things you're greeted by in the original Fallout is the combination of music, aesthetics, and lore. You hear that clicky/poppy old time music, see the 1950's inspired look, and hear the first words spoken in the series, that haunt every action and move after..."War never changes".

The games have expanded over 10 releases, and a ton of additional "downloadable content" for those games. They've been released across classic desktops, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Switch, Android, and Xbox Series X/S. The game has been around for so long its been released on a lifetime of console generations.

This series may be a slow moving iceberg when it comes to game releases, but it feels like a lock that there will be another one coming. Especially with a successful streaming show. In fact, the show's success might accelerate the release of the next tent-pole title, Fallout 5.

The Fallout series is produced by Bethesda Softworks, and game developer Todd Howard. Back in 2022, Howard said that the next major Fallout game was going to be starting development after his next Elder Scrolls game. But again, successful Amazon Prime show might make that go faster.

One of the biggest aspects of the Fallout games has been the locations. Because the location the game is set in molds the story and landscape. Games have been based in California, Washington DC (and surrounding areas), Las Vegas (and the surrounding desert), New England (known in-game as The Commonwealth), and Appalachia. Each of these locations offers a very distinct look, and creates stories/gameplay based around where they are.

So the location of Fallout 5 would be very important to the way the game is presented and played. Currently it would appear the most popular location concept rumor online is Louisiana. More specifically, New Orleans...

A lot of this is due to a trademark claim that was discovered YEARS ago for Fallout: New Orleans. But that is just a spark for a bigger discussion...because New Orleans would actually be an amazing place for a game like this.

The geography of New Orleans is unlike any other major US city. The people in the area present an eclectic mix that would provide numerous character possibilities. Just the thought of a post-apocalyptic French Quarter should be enough to sell this idea.

Like most Fallout games, the main location isn't the only location. So while New Orleans would serve as the basis, the gameplay map would likely expand beyond. Including other parts of the state into gameplay. You could possibly see missions that involve the gulf coast, Mississippi River, and some deep bayou gameplay.

Also, lets give some thought to the multiple creatures of Louisiana that could be turned into monsters of the wasteland. Gators, mosquitos, crawfish, hell, even nutria could all make for tough battles in the game.

For the story, just think of all the corruption Louisiana politics are known for. You could overlap some very realistic scenarios from Louisiana's political past right into the game's story.

I'm sold. Lets push whatever buttons we need to for this to happen. Fallout: New Orleans is a must.

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