This video popped up on my home feed the other day and I still can't shake my disbelief.

I saw this video on Facebook over the weekend. I tried really hard to just move on, but I can't. I am in complete disbelief of this video. Two young teens fighting outside of C.E. Byrd High School. My shock does not come from the fact that they're fighting, I'm not oblivious to heightened tempers, but rather the reaction of the rest of the students standing around.

Not one person stepped in to stop it.

The fight played out and just when you thought it was going to end, it reared its ugly head. One kid was left on the sidewalk knocked out. It's disgusting.

OK, so maybe some of you are out there saying "sometimes kids need to fight." Fine. Let them get it out of their system, but there was still an audience. And worse, an audience that thought more of the likes and shares they would get on Facebook than the safety of their fellow students. Not only could these kids have seriously hurt one another or even killed one another fighting on the pavement, they could have injured someone in that very same audience.

What ever happened to doing the right thing? One of my Jr. High teachers had a huge banner than spanned half of the classroom that read, "What is right is not always popular. What is popular is not always right." I would encourage our young men and women out there to remember this as they go forward.

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