Jay Walking. Shreveport's favorite pop-up game show is coming to the Louisiana Boardwalk, this Tuesday, April 2nd.

It's always been a dream of mine to host a game show. Naturally, when you're as untalented as I am, dreams like that don't always come true. Somehow, though, I'm launching my pop-up game show this week so at least one dream will be fulfilled. Now, I have to find a way to eat five packs of ramen noodles at once to cross off another dream. Until that day comes, Jay Walking will have to do.

Tomorrow, April 2nd, I'll be walking around the Louisiana Boardwalk at noon. I'll be on the hunt for two willing competitors to compete in the very first episode of Jay Walking.

This is no ordinary game show. There will no crowds, only one camera, and a pop-up game show desk that will appear seemingly out of nowhere. There will, however, be two contestants answering trivia questions about Shreveport, with a Louisiana Boardwalk gift card up for grabs with every question.

Join me for Jay Walking tomorrow at the Louisiana Boardwalk!

See official K945 contest rules here.