A flipped 18-wheeler has caught fire on the Cross Lake bridge in Shreveport.

This is happening as I'm writing this, so I would like to apologize for the lack of information at this time. Of course, we hope that no one was hurt in this accident and our thoughts are with all involved. Once more information comes to light, we will update this article.

I can't imagine a worse location for this to happen in Shreveport-Bossier. It's our longest bridge in town and will certainly cause massive delays throughout our afternoon. I'm not sure Shreveport Police or Fire have ever dealt with a flipped 18-wheeler that caught fire on the Cross Lake bridge before, but I'm sure they have a plan and are executing that plan as we speak.

My friend Samantha looked out of her window on Cross at around noon today, May 7th, to see quite the unexpected sight. In her video, we see a flipped 18-wheeler that has caught fire in the eastbound lanes on the Cross Lake bridge.

I'm sure as today goes on, we'll have more information and pictures/videos. Keep coming back to this article for updates.








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