Is the Barksdale Bubble to blame for our great meteorite luck?

Ah, the things you do on a slow Monday. Today at the office, we got into a conversation about meteorites. Of course, a radio station full of bored DJ's is a hotbed for weird conversations, but this one particularly caught my attention.

So Greg Atoms and I dug and tried to do a little research. The only thing that has ever happened in Shreveport that is even remotely close to a meteorite strike, came in the form of a "loud boom" overhead back in 2014.

Other than that, which no one ever fully explained, we have been meteorite-less since our town's origination back in 1836.

I say we put a tally up in downtown Shreveport where someone can change it every day to let the world know that our impressive, lucky streak is still going.

As of today, we're on our 65,763rd consecutive day without a confirmed meteor strike. No, if we get struck by a meteor in the near future, I want everyone to blame my coworkers and not me.


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