Guys! That headline is not a joke - you really can go camping WITH LLAMAS right here in our beautiful East Texas.

Now I'm sure you've seen some pretty cool AirBnB experiences all over Texas. I mean, I told you about a few, like this Texas paradise located in Red Oak, and this cool Central Texas cabin in the woods. Now, just an hour and a half drive from Tyler, it's Llamaland Ranch!

If the name doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

It's one of the most unique overnight stays I've seen in our area. Throw cute animals on top of that, and you've got yourself a deal.

Up the highway from us in Tyler, Llamaland Ranch is located in Tool, TX. Once you arrive at Llamaland Ranch, you're greeted with 100 acres of ranchland and 20 adorable furry llamas.

The owners of Llamaland Ranch truly accommodate guests in what many reviews are calling the perfect escape from the city.

Llamaland Ranch consists of 8 campsites that sleep up to 15 guests. Visitors must bring their own tents, truck campers, trailers, or RVs for overnight stays. But how's this for a bonus? The owners of the Llamaland Ranch give you the opportunity to interact with the llamas and feed them.

Take. Me. There. Now.

It's also good to note that campfires and generators are allowed on property.

If you're already on Google wondering how much it is to snag a night at Llamaland Ranch, I've got you covered. $30 per night is an absolute STEAL.

You can check out this cool East Texas secret at 9059 County Road 2403 in Tool, TX!

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