200 push-ups led to this Louisiana marching band member receiving $185,000.

Certainly one of the stranger news stories of the day from our great state, one that I don't think you'll see again any time soon.

The story comes from McKinley High School in Baton Rouge and features the conclusion of a pretty nasty few years between the school and the former marching band member.

In 2015, Tristan Rushing was, according to his lawyer, two minutes late to band practice. He claims he was late after staying for extra time with his English teacher.

When he arrived late, his band director was not pleased, and demanded that he completed 200 push-ups in 15 minutes. Tristan attempted the task, but had no clue what it would ultimately lead to.

Soon after the incident, Rushing found himself in a hospital for five days. Medical professionals who saw Rushing testified the injuries were potentially life threatening, his attorney says that the unexpected excursion literally caused his muscles to die.

This week, Rushing was awarded a $185,000 settlement.


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