Honest question... Is there anything better than a news blooper?

Actually, the only correct answer is, "Yes, a ton of news bloopers!" No other answer will be accepting. Seriously, I can sit back on the couch, hop on YouTube and watch news bloopers for hours with no hesitation.

I guess as someone in the broadcast business, and someone who messes up quite often, it's fun to see that I'm not alone in the universe of bloopers.

Fortunately for me, no one can see it when I mess up. The same can't be said for news anchors and reporters, who are always one blooper away from internet infamy.

Youtube channel "News Be Funny" makes it easy for us to see all the bloopers in one compilation video. This newest vid covers the month of May, and without question, features many bloopers you haven't seen yet.

Check it out!


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