Is there anything better than a news blooper? How about a wet one?

This is one of the many reasons I truly love radio. I mess up, or produce a "blooper" of sorts at least twenty times a day. Luckily, no one can see me, so most of the time no one notices. Not in the world of television my friends, and it would be pretty hard to miss this next blooper.

A BBC reporter was interviewing the English swim team in Australia at the Commonwealth Games.

The team was sitting on the edge of a pool for an interview, so as out reporter was making his way onto the edge, he uttered these famous last words...

"I'm going to be very careful because I've got this sound pack on."

Naturally, he missed his very next step, and went tumbling into the water. Although he kept talking, the studio wasn't about to hear him and the entire interview was sunk.

Check it out!



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