When I was a kid, I thought everyone's parents spent several hours working on their garden. My mother was obsessed with planting flowers and making sure the outside of our home looked like it belonged on the cover of Better Homes Magazine.

My Mother Once Told Me That When She Felt Sad She Would Feel Better After Spending Time in the Garden.

I didn't realize at the time that gardening was her free form of therapy. It turns out my mother was onto something. Several studies have shown the benefits of spending time getting dirt underneath our nails.

The National Library of Medicine Claims Gardening Isn't Just Good for Your Physical Health.

Yes, working out in the garden will give you a full-body workout, but you'll also get a mental break. WebMD claims that "Gardening can make you feel more peaceful and content. Focusing your attention on the immediate tasks and details of gardening can reduce negative thoughts and feelings and can make you feel better in the moment.".

I Found Out There are Several Gardening Groups in Northwest Louisiana.

There is a private group you can ask to join it's NWLA Garders Group. There are also a couple of community gardens that you can join. There is The MLK Community Garden there is also a community garden at Centenary.

What About Putting Some Love Into Your Own Garden?

I have decided that I am going to spend some time in my front yard making her look beautiful. So I asked a few of my closest friends on Facebook where to go to get some help with my green thumb ambitions.

I Even Found a Store That is Offering 50% Off To Kickoff Your Gardening.

A few people messaged me about The Plant Station saying that this place is about to close for the season so they're having a huge half-off sale, see this is why it's good to be a procrastinator.

The Plant Station Via Facebook
The Plant Station Via Facebook


My friend loved discovering The Secret Garden in Keithville.


Many folks love Jayroe's Hardware & Garden in Benton.

A lot of people love Akins Nursery in Shreveport.

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