Damn nature, you crazy!

Yea, go ahead and remind me to never EVER go into the ocean again. I don't even want to look at an ocean again. In fact, after seeing this video, just thinking of the ocean might keep me up all night.

You ever been deep in the ocean, to the point where you can't touch? I have, and every time I do that I feel like there's a shark swimming inches below my feet ready to take a bite...

Turns out, it's the fishes I should be worried about.

Maybe not fishes in general, but certainly this one, extremely large fish.

A video has gone viral showing a 500 pound Grouper fish literally eat a shark in one bite. This is no exaggeration. It happened when a group of people were reeling in a shark they caught off the Florida coast. They were reeling it into the boat, when the unthinkable happened.

Yes, you have to see this video.


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