I have been very unlucky the past few months, but thankfully that is starting to change. (Knock on wood) This past October I broke my leg.

I was attempting to join the Twin City Knockers roller derby team. The night of the accident I was attending one of their newbie practices. One of the girls helped me try on equipment to barrow for the practice and also helped me onto the floor. I made about 3 laps and fell. Now the funny thing is that I was being taught how to fall properly. When you are on the floor and you start to fall you aim to land on your knees so that your pads will take the impact of the fall.

Unfortunately I fell wrong. REALLY WRONG! I went to the ER and was told I would have to have surgery and have my leg set (pop my ankle joint back in place). After my surgery I was put into a cast.

Yesterday was the big special day. My check up day! The day my cast would get cut off if all looked good. Well I got all good news back. My x-rays looked good and I have been promoted to the boot. I can actually walk! Check out the video below of the cast getting cut off!