Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera know how to put their money where their mouths are — literally. The ‘Glee‘ stars auctioned off kisses at the GLAAD Media Awards, much to the delight of the top bidders.

The Santana and Finn players hosted the event, which celebrates LGBT characters, stories and coverage in media. “Our show ‘Glee’ and other nominated series, movies and media help audiences understand that LGBT characters and stories are central to the fabric of American culture,” Monteith explained.  Rivera added, “But we still need more. More lesbians, more transgender people, more allies and more stories.”

Monteith and Rivera, joined by none other than John Stamos (have mercy!) auctioned off “sweet lady kisses” to raise funds for GLAAD’s projects.

Stamos joked that he got his guest role on ‘Glee’ by kissing Monteith for free. This was recalled later when the top bidder for Monteith’s lips was none other than ‘Smash‘ starlet Megan Hilty — with the announcement, in jest, that Monteith would guest star on ‘Smash’ in two weeks.

Watch the adorable and hilarious video of the expensive smooches below. Would you pay $5,000 to kiss Naya, Cory or John?

Watch Naya Rivera + Cory Monteith Auction Kisses for GLAAD