When you golf, is it most like a mixture of cricket and as Easter egg hunt? This list is just for golfers like you and me.

I golf so much, it's honestly surprising that I'm as bad as I am. I rarely shoot under a 90, but I always have an absolute blast and I play at nearly all of our area golf courses. I love a nice, fun, inexpensive round of golf.

Below, I've made a list highlighting my top five golf courses in town that are perfect for the Average Joe.


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Man, I absolutely love this course. Green fees are nice and inexpensive, and the course is in exceptional shape. The staff is always kind and the food in the clubhouse is top-notch. The course does offer a few very difficult holes, including a bohemyth Par 5 and a Par 3 over a monster ditch, but us Average Joes love a good challenge. I love this golf course.
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    Crooked Hollow


    This is another course that I always enjoy playing. As for the course itself, I would personally say it's a little more difficult than Querbes, and for that reason, it's a little more fun. The sights are beautiful out here at this Greenwood course. The staff is friendly, and the green fees are very affordable. Great course for us Average Joes!
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    Huntington Golf Course


    I love this course for a few reasons... For starters, it's right by the radio station. Secondly, man if you haven't seen this course lately go by and look around, it is in incredible shape. Their clubhouse has been remodeled and the course itself is the best I've ever seen it right now. Personally, I believe this course has the most difficult back nine of any other course I would recommend to the Average Joe, but nonetheless, you can't go wrong with Huntington.


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    I also love this golf course due to it's location, sitting about five minutes from my house. Having said that, this course demands your attention. It's absolutely stunning, and I've never seen it in bad shape. The green fees here are a little steeper than the others on the list, but it's well worth it at this fine course located inside a gated community near Swan Lake Road. Average Joes should all go enjoy a round at The Stone when you can.
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    Of course, I can't make a list for the average Joes without including Meadowlake. This is a Keithville course and it has something for every type of golfer. It's a challenging enough course to give any high-level golfer a run, but also it's a fun enough course for the Average Joe who shoots a 100 or higher. My favorite part? It doesn't break the bank and you can literally golf without a shirt on. Great course for the Average Joe.
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