If you live in Louisiana, have family in the state, or have even driven in the state for just 10 minutes, you probably know who Gordon McKernan is. Even if you don't recognize his name...you've seen him before.

Gordon is a person injury lawyer who has scattered his face across the landscape of Louisiana one billboard at a time. Ha, even in some cases, it's two billboards at a time...in some half-mile stretches of Louisiana road, it might be FOUR billboards at a time.

So when you have that much coverage, and in some cases straight up over exposure, you're going to have people notice...and then they're probably going to say something. In 2019, you're probably going to turn into a meme too.

Let us collectively thank the fine folks on Facebook for allowing us to foster a like-minded group of people on this Gordon McKernan McMeme page. If you haven't enjoyed it yet, check out some of the highlights above, and below:

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