I've found it. The ultimate, random video that you never know you needed.

Seriously, I have to ask myself, "How did I possibly find this video??" Quite frankly, I'm not sure how this video entered my life, but I'm glad it did.

In the viral clip that the internet is currently falling in love with, we see a pack of adorable llamas. Now what couple possibly make this video better? I mean, I could watch llamas run around all day, so what's so special about this clip?

Well, this clip combines these llamas with a curious, tiny dog, and the rest is history.

The footage was shot on a farm in Tennessee, where a small dog somehow wondered onto the property. These llamas might as well of seen a freaking alien because they had no clue what the heck they were looking at.

Curiosity killed the cat, but not the llama. These things literally followed and chased the dog everywhere around the property.

You have to see this!