I like to consider myself one of the best beer pongers in the Ark-La-Tex, but heck, I can't even make three in a row.

This is the most incredible beer pong related video you'll ever see, I promise. Imagine this... You walk into the Sand Bar in downtown Shreveport with your buddies, hoping to catch a few games of beer pong. Once you set up the table, the guy across from you tells you he doesn't need a teammate, then proceeds to make 18 shots in a row. You are now hammered drunk and your night is over, meanwhile the other guy didn't even break a sweat.

While is wasn't in an actual game, this guy literally ,made 18 beer pong drain-o's in a row and made it look easy.

Andrew Borys is his name, but you can now refer to him as Beer Pong God.

Check out the insanity below.