My goodness is this the most dangerous thing you've ever seen behind the wheel?

Seriously, it's nothing short of a miracle that this guy (and everyone else in his path) wasn't hurt. Honestly, this is so insane it just seems impossible.

I work very, very strange hours. Especially on the weekend. Some weekends, between radio, appearances, and nightclubs, I find myself working 20-24 hours straight. Some nights as I drive home, I can feel myself getting a little tired, but nothing like this.

Personally, I know if I ever feel myself get near this point, I would pull over and either find a resting spot or do whatever it takes to wake myself up.

This guy, well he just went full-on asleep behind the wheel. This happened about six in the morning, so thankfully, not many other drivers were on the road with him.

The clip is dash-cam footage from a rental car. In it, we see a driver literally fall asleep for nearly a minute, before hitting a small roadblock about 40 seconds in. Of course, once he hits it, he wakes right up and tries to figure out what just happened.

You have to see this.