Automobile accidents are the #1 cause of death in the U.S. for people between the ages of 1-34.  With the summer vacation season drawing to a close, the mad rush to cram in a getaway is on.  That means more and more people getting on the road, getting distracted, and getting into accidents.

After crunching the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, officials have determined that the most dangerous stretch of highway in Louisiana is non other than U.S. 90. has compiled a list of the most dangerous highways in America. Not only is the highway that connects St. Mary, St. Charles and Iberia parishes ranked the most dangerous in our state, it is the 13th most dangerous in America!  According to the Daily Comet, the road sees an average of 27 fatal crashes a year

Local officials are working on a plan to fix the issues that make this stretch of road in southern Louisiana so hazardous, but the options are extremely limited and expensive. The tentative plan would be completed around 2023 and would cost close to a billion dollars.