No doubt you're aware of the new limited edition Whopper Burger King is offering for Halloween. It's a Whopper with A1 steak sauce baked directly into the bun, giving it a shiny black color. But what's taking consumers by surprise is what happens after you eat turns your poop green!

People who tried the new burger flocked to social media to express their confusion and disgust over this embarrassing development, including Daniel Rodriguez, who tweeted, "Yesterday I had the Halloween Whopper... Today my poop is green. Yesterday was the last time I'll have the Halloween Whopper."

Bob Adams tweeted, "Burger sucks! 3 days of green poo!" And Trent Vukodinovich posted, "Nothin like bright green poo the day after trying the new Halloween burger at Burger King "

No word yet from Burger King, but how much you wanna bet that there won't be much demand for a Halloween burger next year?

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