Heads up spouses, today, it's all about your significant other!

That's right, today, January 26th is one of those cool, but random holidays no one really knows about. It's National Spouses Day, so to celebrate, I wanted to share a survey that found the ten ways our spouses annoy us, and also the ten ways we appreciate them.

You can find the full article on National Today.

Below are the 10 things that annoy us the most.


1.  Selective listening, 40%.

2.  Snoring, 39%.

3.  Being a control freak, 26%.

4.  Not financially responsible, 20%.

5.  Gross habits like nose picking, flatulence, and burping, 19%.

6.  Not contributing enough to housework, 18%.

7.  Messy habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, 17%.

8.  Works too much, 16%.

9.  Doesn't get along with your parents, 8%.

10.  Always forgets your anniversary, 5%.


And below are the ten ways we appreciate about our spouses.


1.  Hard working, 60%.

2.  You can be yourself around them, 56%.

3.  Makes you laugh, 56%.

4.  Smart, 52%.

5.  Supportive of your goals, 48%.

6.  Great parent, 45%.

7.  Sexy, 44%.

8.  Good with money, 31%.

9.  Does the dishes, 29%.

10.  Buys you things, 28%. 


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