I recently got into an argument with a co-worker, who will remain nameless (her name rhymes with Ginger), who erroneous claimed that Harry Potter was the perfect Halloween movie franchise.  I can only surmise that she came to this imperfect conclusion because it is full of witches, references to dark magic, and scary creatures.  I can understand how, on the surface, how this mistake could be made.  It is unmistakably a Christmas movie.

Sure, there is a reference or two to All-Hallows Eve (Halloween) in the wildly popular kids and young-adult novels written by J.K. Rowling.  However, Christmas is by far the most important holiday in the entire series.  Rowling (and the subsequent movies) goes out of her way to show how big of a deal celebrating the most giving holiday of the year is at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   So much so, I contend that these movies be listed among the other non-traditional (but fantastic) movies that mark the most wonderful time of the year.

Harry Potter and co. should be enshrined next to Home Alone, Die Hard, and Edward Scissorhands as a movie that Christmas wouldn't be the same without.  To me, these are just as Christmas hanging stockings leaving cookies out for Santa.

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