In the video above you will hear a story being told by our in house psychic Dakota Lawrence. He comes into the studio with us once a month to "read" our listeners. He will inform them about what is in store for their future and also reach out to loved ones who have passed away. He also holds classes to teach you how you can be more in tuned with your own paranormal intuitions and also does live readings at the Logan Mansion. To find more details about him and all that he does click here.

From the story that Dakota Lawrence tells in the video above you can hear about the story of a little girl who fell to her death from an upstairs window back in 1904. She now wanders the third floor. There are many other stories that have occurred within the walls of the mansion.

The mansion, located on Austin Place in Shreveport, has served many purposes over the years it has been a boarding house, a church, and a radio station. They host murder mystery parties and many other events at the mansion. Click here to check out the events they host.