In the video above you will hear a story being told by our in house psychic Dakota Lawrence. He comes into the studio with us once a month to "read" our listeners. He will inform them about what is in store for their future and also reach out to loved ones who have passed away. He also holds classes to teach you how you can be more in tuned with your own paranormal intuitions and also does live readings at the Logan Mansion. To find more details about him and all that he does click here.

This is one place you do not want to visit. Not because of the spirits that will scare you, but if you enter the old jail it is considered trespassing. It is owned by the GE plant next door, and have been known to contact the authorities if someone is seen wandering the grounds. The old prison is located off of West 70th St in Shreveport.

Carter has been outspoken how much this place creeps him out. He says that the creepy part is that this isn't some ghost children or a friendly sing-a-long ghost at the Municipal Auditorium. The woods that you have to walk through to get to the building is said to have disembodied screams.


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