It's a password I use every single day, so why did I have a brain fart?!

Have your ever experienced a brain fart? Typically a brain fart, or moment of forgetfulness, for me involves me blurting out something stupid in a meeting of powerful people. Or asking my husband a dumb question, like "Do you like what I made for dinner?" just two seconds after he told me how much he loved it. This brain fart however, threw me for a loop.

I forgot the login to my work computer.

Seriously. Every day I do the same thing... I walk into the office, log into my computer, and while it's booting up I go grab a cup of coffee. However, today I couldn't remember what my password was. It wasn't that I tried to use a different password, but rather I completely blanked. After remembering a general idea of this strange combination I've chosen for ultimate security, I still couldn't get two of the digits right.

I think this is the point at which I started sweating.

After several failed logins, I decided to just go get my coffee instead. Surely that would job my memory or, at the very least, take some pressure off. Alas, when I sat back down I was able to log in without issue.

Has this ever happened to you? I was dumbfounded. A mundane act that starts my workday completely left my mind for about 15 minutes. Maybe the muscle memory of my fingers was off and that threw the entire system out of whack or something.

Please tell me I'm not alone here...

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