Weekday mornings always get crazy with the Morning Madhouse esp when it's Dog Catcher time! Cheaters are caught red handed on a 3 way call with the Madhouse and their girlfriend/boyfriend as they're exposed for being a cheater. We've also added Splitsville where someone thought a relationship was just heating up when they're ghosted by the other person we help find them answers!

If you think you've been cheated on or have been ghosted and want answers please email us at MorningMadhouse@K945.com!

Below are a few of our recent Dog Catchers you might have missed out on...

Andy & Jordan

Probably one of of crazier Dog Catchers as it surprised all of us that Andy wasn't exactly cheating..

Britney & Marshall

When your partner goes away for a fun weekend of partying and is adamant against you going only to be standoffish when they come back home, well it's not a good sign..

Lauren & Greg

Snapchat is probably the worst app if you're in a relationship and this Dog Catcher shows why..