Have you noticed a particularly powerful smell in South Shreveport?  I don't mean the delicious odor of Grimaldi's - I mean a nasty stank!


Turns out it wasn't your gassy brother (probably), it seems to be much grosser (probably). According to KTBS,  A 54-inch major sewage line has ruptured and created a humongous leak into Boggy Bayou.  Crews patched the hole as soon as possible, but not before concerns about contamination spread throughout the community. Eyewitnesses claim that the sewage leak was so intense it has changed the color of the water in the bayou from brown to black with an overpowering and sickening stench.

The good news is two-fold: officials say that now the leak has stopped, the smell will go away with time.  Also, Boggy Bayou empties into Wallace Lake, which is not a source of drinking water.  For now, it seems to be a major inconvenience not a major health risk.



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