The pride of Kentwood, Louisiana is celebrating her 39th birthday with her boyfriend in yet another creepy pic on her Instagram.

Britney Spears is having the last birthday of her 30s today. To celebrate, let's get Britney in the raw. Raw vocals, that is. Speculation has run wild on the internet for years that Britney's actual singing voice is way deeper than it sounds on her records and at live shows. There has also been talk that her record label makes her talk in a higher octave in public to keep up the masquerade.

Here are a couple of her songs with her real vocal track before pitch control was seemingly used in the final version:

A month ago to this day, Britney took to IG to tell us all that she was fine and everything was okay with her. But as you can see, that doesn't seem like the case.

That same day, she posted another one of her uber creepy dance videos.

I hope Britney truly is doing well and that she is just cringe by nature, but I get the feeling more is happening behind the scenes than we know. With that said, happy birthday, and we need a new Britney Spears Christmas album in your real voice.

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