A relative of one of our Townsquare Media Shreveport team is fighting brain cancer and needs help. Andrea Elizabeth Davis is only 15 years old, but is now faced with staggering medical expenses after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Andrea shared her story in a very personal video that we're now sharing with you.

The teen revealed that she found out she had brain cancer after hitting her head while riding a roller coaster in NJ and had to be rushed to the hospital. There she received a routine CAT scan which changed her life forever.

"They said they saw something in the back of my head, like a cyst. I got an MRI done the next day, and the doctor came in and took my mom out," Andrea explains. "My mom and him came back in and said I had a tumor in the back of my head, but he wasn't sure it was cancer."

After returning to her hometown of Baltimore, she visited Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Doctors there removed part of the tumor from the back of Andrea's head in a grueling 6-hour surgery, but couldn't remove it all.

Further testing revealed Andrea did in fact have brain cancer.

"It was devastating to everybody," Andrea said. "It's crazy. I'm only 15 years old, struggling with brain cancer."

Andrea is asking people to wear gray, which is the color of the brain cancer awareness ribbon. Her family has also set up a Go Fund Me page where people can donate to help offset her costly medical expenses.

If you'd like to donate to Andrea and help her beat brain cancer, you can do it here.