I need your help. Someone tell me that I'm not crazy and also tell me what the heck is going on.

Yes, I'm hoping that someone out there has the answers I'm looking for because this is just straight-up weird. I've gone two nights in a row experiencing the same exact thing and I need answers.

So, for two nights in a row, I've woke up in a strange place and I can't explain it.

Both nights, I did the exact same thing. I came home from work, sober as a bird, and worked on my computer. Then, at about midnight, I've gone to my bedroom to go to sleep. I lay down, throw on The Office, and before I know it, I;m fast asleep.

Both nights, at exactly 4:00 AM, I've woken up in a panic, laying in my oldest daughter's bed.

Two nights in a row with the same exact 4:00 AM wake-up in my daughter's bunk-bed.

Has anyone else out there experienced this? What could this possibly mean? I need answers!

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