Whenever I have someone come in from out of town, I always make sure to take them to Herby K's! From their excellent service to their even better food, nothing says you're in the south like a visit to the quaint restaurant! Life just isn't right without the occasional Shrimp Buster! Of course, it doesn't hurt that I know one of the owners, Angela Busi Doe!

Today, Herby K's is hosting their annual block party and fundraiser in support of Pet Savers, a local pet rescue organization. In addition to throwing a party on Pierre Avenue and helping to save local furbabies, the restaurant is celebrating 80 years in business! Did you know that Herby K's was originally called The Flying Crow?  Yep, you could buy package liquor, tobacco and a $0.15 sandwich all in one place!

Today's party will feature live entertainment, raffles, children's activities and more. Admission is just $25 and all proceeds go to Pet Savers. The event runs from 1pm - 7pm so it gives you plenty of time to mix and mingle after church.