I love chips and salsa. I am that person that will fill myself up on chips and salsa long before my meal hits the table.

We Have Countless Mexican Restaurants in Shreveport-Bossier.

Only a select few pass my chips and salsa test. the test is pretty simple, does the salsa have flavor? Or does it taste like Rotel and cilantro in a bowl? I am not hating on Rotel at all, however, you have to have quite a bit more ingredients to make a damn good salsa.

There are 3 Mexican Restaurants in Town That Kill it in the Chips and Salsa Game

What makes a great salsa? Did they put effort into it? Salsa should be much more than opening up a can and throwing some seasoning in a bowl. Give me a grill and tomatoes and onion and garlic. Consistency plays a huge factor in it too. Does the salsa taste the same every time you visit?

Ki Mexico's Chips and Salsa

In case you're that person that can't decide what their favorite salsa is, you get a vast selection of salsas and every single one has a uniquely different flavor. The only negative here is you have to pay for chips and salsa, I wish it was free, that's the best part about Mexican restaurants, the free chips and salsa.

El Cabo Verde's Chips and Salsa

I love the fact that they serve warm salsa verde along with a delicious smokey table salsa. They clearly make it fresh daily and their chips and salsa always hit the spot.

El Cabo Verde
El Cabo Verde

Ramirez Mexican Restaurant's Chips and Salsa.

Do you want consistency and flavor? Here you go. I think they have the most underrated salsa in town and there's a reason you're served a bottle of it at the table.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

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