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It's no secret that I love astronomical phenomena.  There's just something about seeing the universe do its thing regardless of what kind of turmoil we have going on down here on Earth.  The insignificance of our planet-side affairs just kind of pales in comparison, and I find that strangely comforting. For me, that's reason enough to cast my gaze upwards for asteroids, meteor showers, and especially eclipses.

If, like me, you love looking at the sky in hopes of seeing something amazing - you're in luck!  On June 10th, a rare "Ring of Fire," solar eclipse will treat folks around the world to a celestial show guaranteed to leave you with a sense of awe.  This particular eclipse is special because of a few specific details.  Namely, since our moon is in its new phase, it won't be "big" enough in our sky to completely obscure the sun - hence the "ring of fire" effect that will look like an ultra-bright ring.  Unfortunately, residents of Louisiana will be at a disadvantage for this particular viewing - but not out of luck entirely.

According to CBS News, the annular solar eclipse will be seen with the naked eye from lots of places around the globe - just not Louisiana.  It will reportedly be fully visible in Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean and Siberia.  It will still be partially visible from "much of the rest of northeastern North America, Greenland, Northern Europe and northern Asia."  So how do astronomical aficionados in the Sportsman's paradise catch a glimpse of this celestial beauty?  The internet!

Since this "annular solar eclipse" won't seem like much from here, you can see it in all of its glory online.  Time and Date will stream the entire 3 minute and 51 second eclipse in all of it's glory here.  You'll have to get up early to catch it live, as this rare event should start at 5:53 am our time.


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