You and thirteen of your friends can stay at this Airbnb for the small price of $885.

I guess I should start this by saying my curiosity got the best of me today.I;m not sure why I woke up today wondering how expensive Airbnb's are in town, but I did, and I was surprised when I found out.

Overall, Shreveport and the Ark-La-Tex in general is a very affordable place to travel too. The average price of Airbnb's found in our area, if you only type in "Shreveport", is around $95. Some are way less, and some are way, way more.

Personally, I didn't care about the affordable places. I wanted to find the most expensive Airbnb around and I believe I found it.

To make sure all Airbnb's would show, not just those that are available on any given date, I decided to filter using "Shreveport" and the date November 12th, 2019. I figured no one is booking Airbnb's in Shreveport a year in advance, so hopefully I was right.

Anyways, using those filters and also prices starting at $200 a night, I found five listings. Three listings were around $220, one was $300 a night, and then I came across the mack daddy. Or should I say "Mag Daddy".

This listing, titled "The Magnolias" is found nearby in Jefferson, TX. It boasts enough room for fourteen guests, and comes equipped with six bedrooms and five baths.

Is this the most expensive Airbnb in the Ark-La-Tex? Check out the gallery below!

To see the full listing, click HERE.


The Magnolias


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