The largest land-based poker tournament in Louisiana has came and went, and you guessed it, I did not win it.

In fact, my time in the three-day tournament lasted about thirty minutes. It was, of course, an enjoyable thirty minutes, but it came to a crashing halt much quicker than I would have liked it too.

For those who don't know, thousands of poker players flocked to the Horseshoe Riverdome to take part in this monster tournament. The event featured a buy-in of $420 dollars, with a $200,000 prize pool.

Naturally, i couldn't resist and got all nervous to head into the Riverdome to hopefully win the whole thing. However, that was just not in the cards... Pun intended.

Thirty minutes into my tournament, I had about $14,000 in tournament chips. That's pretty good considering we started with $6,000. At this point, I'm playing super cautiously, only playing really great starting hands. I' folding left and right, letting the rest of the table duke it out... Then it happened.

I got dealt the monster...... Pocket aces.

To my surprise, before the flop came out, another player raised the pot to about $3,000. I raised him instantly to about $7,000. He is the only one at the table with more chips than me... He goes all-in... I have to call.

For all the chips... I flip over pocket Aces, he flips over King-Nine of Hearts.

I'm the monstrous favorite.

The good news, I hit a set of Aces after the flop.... The bad news is the flop came out with three hearts, giving my opponent a flush.

Game over.

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