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I don't care if crawfish from Louisiana cost more, we shouldn't be importing crawfish from China to sell... Fight me!

First of all, is crawfish farmed in China really crawfish? I'm sorry, but if it didn't come from a ditch right here in the great state of Louisiana, it's not legit crawfish! Can you change my mind?

CRAYFISH04.RPJ.Louisiana native Oiris Oiris Schlesinger will be on the Big Daddy's patio to preside
Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Is there anything better than a down-home Louisiana crawfish boil with friends and family? It's a part of the very fabric of our culture! For that reason alone, it should be illegal for crawfish to come from anywhere else.

According to Adam Johnson of Bayou Land Seafood in Breaux Bridge, LA, crawfish farmers in Louisiana have taken a big hit thanks to China 'dumping' under-priced crawfish on the market. In an article by WeeklyCitizen.com, he says, 'Louisiana crawfish processors have taken a beating from unfairly traded crawfish from China.'

Adam Berry/Getty Images
Adam Berry/Getty Images

Apparently, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana feels the same, because he, along with some of his fellow legislators filed the China Trade Cheating Restitution Act yesterday. The bill proposes that U.S. Customs and Border Protection pay $38.5 million from interest on anti-dumping duties to agricultural sectors hurt by China's unlawful trade practice.

The WeeklyCitizen.com goes on to say that of the $38.5 million proposed payout, around $10.6 million would go to crawfish producers as a whole. That includes crawfish farmers in Louisiana.

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So what do you think? Should it be illegal to sell crawfish produced in China in the bayou state? Inquiring minds want to know!

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