The time of the year that most single folks start thinking about how they look to the person they want to look good to is upon us.  No matter if you are looking to attract a guy or a girl, your choice in hobbies could make or break the deal.

Your hobby is an easy way for the object of your desire to gain an insight into the person behind the buns they are currently checking out.  Imagine if you could see that the guy you are into totally loves animals because his hobby is volunteering at a local shelter.  Or maybe the girl you have the hots for is really into sports because she plays league softball with her friends.  If you are looking to find and simultaneously attract the best type of guy or girl for you, taking up a new hobby is a fantastic step.

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But first, a word of caution.  Do not pick up a hobby solely based on picking up some honeys, as this most likely will backfire spectacularly.  For example, if you take up yoga because you need more flexibility and a calmer spirit - you might meet someone who values the same thing.  In time, you might find that you have even more in common and are compatible - this is a good thing.  If you take up yoga because yoga butts drive you nuts - you might meet someone with an incredible butt that thinks you are into yoga.  You will need to continue to "love yoga" if you want to date this person. That means you are building a relationship on lies - that's bad.

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With that being said, here are the most attractive hobbies according to Female First:

Travelling- Says you are adventurous, open minded, and possibly rich!

Exercise- Says you take pride in your appearance, will likely live a long time, and probably look fantastic!

Theater- Says you are cultured, sophisticated, sensitive, and possibly a bit dramatic.

Dancing- Says you have all of the benefits of an exercise nut, and the sophistication of a theater aficionado.  Plus, you know what they say about great dancers.  They have great personalities.  Wait, what were you thinking?

Cooking- Says that you know what you like and you know how to make it!  Everyone enjoys eating, and so everyone appreciates a good cook.  If you are passionate about tastes, there is someone out there who would love to have you whip something up for them.

Music- Says you are cultured and sophisticated much like dancers and theater lovers, but in a very different way.  You could be attractive because you are into the same music and have a common interest, or you could be into a completely different kind of music and be attractive because you are a mystery.

There are lots more hobbies that can showcase your attractiveness, just be yourself.  Remember, the purpose of the hobby is for you to enjoy.  Through that enjoyment, others will see an insight into the person currently looking good in those jeans.