Is Shreveport tired of being the butt of the jokes yet? I was sitting at a restaurant when I overheard a Shreveport police officer and a Shreveport firefighter talking about the mess that Shreveport is in. It broke my heart. We are asking first responders to put in countless hours of hard work and we don't give them the tools that they need. So bizarre right?

It's no secret that Shreveport has been facing serious equipment struggles over the past 6 weeks.

Both the fire department and broke down ambulances have been adding to Shreveport's major headache. Remember hearing about the Shreveport Police Department having a bunch of their equipment break down?

Shreveport had to borrow a truck from Bossier City's fire department and multiple vehicles from Balentine Ambulance Service. Shreveport also needed help from
Baton Rouge. Their fire department stepped into loan Shreveport a fire truck as well.

Due to the lack of vehicles and equipment, some stations were forced to temporarily close.

This is all one big cluster for the city of Shreveport. Shreveport Police Department is averaging around 140 calls for service per day. Yes, that is every single day. How can they keep up with the vehicle shortage? According to the arklatexhomepage help is on the way.

The federal government was asked for assistance since Shreveport started to see a huge rise in COVID cases.

Luckily our bat signal was heard and the additional ambulances and crews will operate on 12-hour shifts. Both Shreveport fire stations #1 and #16 are getting help.

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