Every year I am amazed by the wonderful gifts my friends and family are able to make to gift me. Meanwhile, I show up to Christmas with gag gifts that only I find funny. The struggle right? I instantly get giddy when I see that someone made something, even if its cookies.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

My family member Monica has a sweet Etsy shop called Hilo where she puts together wonderful art pieces made of yarn that make your rooms unique. I love my piece that hangs in my room.

My Glammy is a queen when it comes to crocheting. She gifted me a blanket that sits on my couch that my dog and I fight over. My Glammy also loves to learn new tricks. She picked up cross-stitching and surprised me with a beautiful personalized piece that hangs in my living room. It's definitely a conversation piece. My dog seems to be the highlight of the picture.

I once had a friend gift me a sugar scrub that I used and begged her for her mix. Yes, I swear it helped me get smooth skin. If you have a special talent and you can gift your friends something that you made, trust me when I say that will be a coveted piece.

Do you make something for your friends and family when it comes to Christmas? Share what you make in the comments below.

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