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The heavy rains our region has seen over the last couple of weeks is already causing issues on Cross Lake in Shreveport. All boat launches and ramps are closed because of the rising water.

As of Thursday morning, Cross Lake had risen to 170.9 feet, and is expected to crest today at 173.5 feet. The flood stage for the lake is 172.5 feet. This is all based on rains that have already fallen, meaning additional rain in our forecast could make things worse.

Residents who live around the lake are already being urged to take actions to prevent flood damage to their property.

But Cross Lake isn't Shreveport's only concern. Over the last 10 years, the Red River has spilled over it's banks multiple times. Including historic floods in 2015, flooding along the Red River in 2016, serious flooding in 2018 that required a State of Emergency from the Governor, and more flooding concerns in 2019 that prompted Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator to ask for solutions to the ongoing flooding issues with the river.

Now the Red River sits at 24.85 feet as of Friday (May 14th, 2021) morning. The current prediction is that it will crest at 25.3 feet later today. However "minor" flood stage isn't reached until the river hits 30 feet.


Now much like Cross Lake, this is based on current conditions, and the rainfall we've already had. Current weather forecasts for next week show a better than 50% chance of rainfall for the Shreveport area Monday through Thursday.

Additionally, upriver in the Texarkana area, they're also looking at rainfall predictions Monday through Thursday.

If this new rainfall is substantial, it could swell the river even more. With it being close to flood stage, and Cross Lake already at flood stage, it wouldn't take much more rainfall to push that level higher.

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