I Have Probably Watched This Video 12 Times By Now.

Tornados will forever scare me and the thought of getting caught inside of my vehicle while a tornado plummets through coming straight towards me.

Why Did This Video Freak Me Out?

Storm chaser Brian Emfinger's video shows a Chevrolet Silverado truck being spun around and flipped over. Keep in mind this looks like footage from the movie "Twister" which traumatized me as a child.

How Did This Texas Driver Manage to Drive Off After Their Truck Was Spun and Flipped Around Like a Toy Car?

After the truck finishes being tossed around like a rag doll the truck miraculously gets flipped back upright. The driver kicked it into high gear and somehow drove away unscathed. They just ended up driving down the Texas highway as if it was just another day. If there wasn't video would anyone believe their story?

The video was taken on Highway 95 in Elgin, TX. There is no word on what the truck looks like, although we are waiting for the driver to be found on social media, we really want to see what that truck looks like after being tossed around.


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