How do you say "the food was great but you guys need to clean your restaurant"? My boyfriend and I recently found what we thought was one of the best restaurants ever. Today we walked in and I ordered one of the best french toast meals ever. I sat and begged my boyfriend to order the delicious mac and cheese so I could justify ordering a breakfast meal. When we entered this restaurant I noticed my feet kept sticking to the floor, I thought I should not ruin my boyfriend's experience and say anything. So we ate our breakfast and talked about life and I cautiously ate my breakfast. Knowing that this place was clearly dirty.

After we finished our meals I had the courage to tell our waitress and all the other servers that the staff really needed to degrease the floors and mop once in a while. The staff brushed off my suggestion and as we walked out I saw the biggest cockroach ever. Should I make the effort to tell management? Or should I anticipate staff just pawning it off on bad management?

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