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Oh, Louisiana! Why are we so weak? Probably because the food is so good!

Here we are, already well into June, and many of us have already forgotten what New Year's resolutions we even made. I know mine included being more mindful, concentrating on my health and fitness, saving money, and finally quitting smoking once and for all. Do you think I've done any of that? Heck no! But I apparently have an excuse and you do, too.

According to Oxford Treatment Center, almost four out of five Louisianians (77%) have already quit on their resolutions for the year. To be fair, some of this is due to the pandemic not really being over. Plus, in our state, we've had multiple weather events from snow to flooding to contend with. Just so you know, the national average is 60%. Another thing to keep in mind is that 43% of the people they surveyed said they never expected to stick to their resolution in the first place.

When it comes to being strong-willed, West Virginia is rocking its resolutions with 4 in 5 people saying they're still on track. And while Louisiana isn't the worst when it comes to keeping our word to ourselves, we're close. The only state that did worse was Kentucky, with 79% of respondents reporting they had already quit trying.

Are you suffering from a 'resolution relapse' or are you still holding strong? Let us know!

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