I went in without any expectations and came out with a ton of expectations.

This past weekend, Garth Brooks brought his World Tour, along with Trisha Yearwood, to the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City. Somehow I found myself backstage for one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Now, I've been lucky enough to meet some spectacular artists in my day, but none like Garth and Trisha.

We sat and talked on a couch.

No, seriously. There was a room set up with couches and chairs. The two of them just strolled in at their leisure and chatted with us as if we had been invited over for coffee. This was after we bumped into Garth in the hallway and he casually told us to make ourselves at home. It was such a unique experience.

But then I saw the show.

These two catered the entire show to their audience. Not only did they share stories of previous visits to Shreveport-Bossier, they also played songs based on the signs people were holding. That's right! Completely off the script. In fact, at the end of the show, Garth came back up on stage with just an acoustic guitar and played every song that they audience wanted to hear.

In this world, it's so easy for artists to be caught up in themselves. They do shows because people came to see them. In the world of Garth and Trisha, they do shows because the came to perform for people. I know that sound redundant, but these two honestly made the entire arena feel as if they were Garth and Trisha's only reason for existence.

And that's a pretty special thing.

Hospitality. Grace. Sincere love. I think every artist out there could take a note or two.