Former Chairman of Louisiana's Gaming Control Board, Ronnie Jones, talks about the actual implementation of sports gaming in the state, the legislature's bill working its way through the bureaucracy and when bettors will really be able to lay down their cash?

"Even before the sports betting bill was signed by the governor, the gaming control board, the Attorney general's office and State Police were already drafting the rules," Jones says, "The formal process can't take place until the governor signs the bill, but it's well underway."

Earlier this year, in June, the Louisiana State Legislature approved legislation to establishing a framework for retail and online sports betting in the 55 of the state's 64 parishes that voted to authorize sports betting in the November 2020 election. Caddo and Bossier are both included in that 55.

But what about the implementation of those rules, licenses, etc., by state government? "There are lots of moving pieces, lots of balls in the air," Jones continues, citing a remark by Senate President Page Cortez that sports betting would be in place by this fall. "No. Not here in Louisiana you won't. That was incredibly overly optimistic and a lack of appreciation by the legislatures for what the administrators have to do.

"Now, is it possible that by the end of football season or by bowl time? Yeah, that is possible."

Jones then explains why he takes the sooner-rather-than-later point of view. "If you look at the public sentiment in respect to sports betting, there was overwhelming, statewide, community to community support. I think people in positions of influence are going to want to speed this up. I don't think there's any political capital to be gained by trying to slow this down. I'm optimistic that this is well underway and I think we're going to see sports betting by the end of the football season."

Here's everything Jones told KEEL Wednesday morning:


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