This Past Saturday I had the Best Smashburger of My Life.

Is a smashburger different than a cheeseburger? I think so, your typical hamburger patty is cooked on a grill and flipped a couple of times however a smash burger is made by smashing a meatball-sized portion of ground beef onto a hot griddle and then you get a thin patty with a crispy exterior. It's different and in my opinion much better than a traditional patty.

I Had Heard About Delicious Burgers at the New Spot in the Eastbank.

I would like to publicly thank Brittney Reeve from Chef's Table for telling me to go check it out. The Eastbank Mafia is compiled of business owners that are in the business of cheering each other on, I love that they all cheer each other on and because of the comradery they have at East Bank, I get the inside scoop when there is something delicious I have to check out.

I Strolled Over to the Seventh Tap Eastbank and Ordered Several Burgers for My Crew.

After inhaling our burgers we all agreed that it was perhaps the best burger in town. Yes, the fries were delicious as well, and we love wings, however the burger is the one thing that everyone kept bringing up in conversation. This burger is living up to the hype, this is one of the best burgers we have had in Bossier, hands down.

You can visit the Seventh Tap Eastbank for beers and wings, but don't miss out on eating one of the best burgers in town.

The Seventh Tap Eastbank via Facebook
The Seventh Tap Eastbank via Facebook

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