Remember when MTV actually played music videos? I sure do and I can't wait to see my favorite artists from 'back in the day' when they come to play the CenturyLink Center Friday, September 30th! Ah! It takes me back to the days of Malibu, Bricktown and Daddy's Money and when I was still going by 'PJ the Party Girl Lacy' on Big Dog 94.5!

Tickets go on sale Friday, April 29th for the I Love the 90's Tour with Vanilla Ice, Salt n Pepa, All 4 One, Tone Loc, Coolio and Rob Base!

Those were the days! I'd get so excited every time Vanilla Ice came to town. I distinctly remember taking him to the Horseshoe Casino buffet back in 1996 and having him insist in riding in the very back trunk area of my Jeep Cherokee. I may or may not remember a hotel after party with Coolio one night where he was telling me he was a 'catalyst' at one point...

These artists represent a really fun time in my life... fresh out of college, working in radio in my hometown and dancing till the wee hours of the morning downtown. This was back when Robert J. Wright still had hair, Cowboys was turned into the Screamin' Dog and the boats were still a novelty in our area.

Make sure to keep listening because before long, we'll have tickets for you to win and we'll be taking a trip back in time together! Get ready to dance!

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