I have a confession to make.  This weekend, I rifled through the dirty clothes until I found something that belonged to my wife - then I wore it around the house.  I didn't do it to feel pretty, or to be someone else - I did it to find peace.  Although one shirt with spaghetti straps did work, I eventually switched to one of my wife's t-shirts:

TSM - Brandon Michael

About a month ago, my 15 week old daughter turned on me.  Up until this point, she's been daddy's girl.  Seeing her happy was as simple as scooping her up and talking to her.  She would smile, babble, and blow bubbles at dad - and it was awesome!  Then, something changed, and not for the better.  She started flipping out anytime I came near.  When I picked her up, it was a thousand times worse.  When my wife picked her up, it was the opposite - she was happy and smiling!  It was the worst.

That brought me to this morning.  My wife had to run to the store with my son, so it was just me and the girl.  After numerous attempts had failed, it dawned on me that I may not smell like the person who brings the food (my wife breastfeeds).  I had read somewhere that babies rely heavily on smells in the early months of life, and tend to favor the food giver.  I thought by wearing my wife's shirt would bring enough of her smell into the mix to fool my daughter's senses.  It totally worked!

TSM - Brandon Michael

For the first time in weeks, I was able to hold my little girl without her screaming like a banshee.  I walked with her and patted her bottom until I was able to put her down to sleep.  It was bliss, but I quickly remembered how "fancy" I felt.

As wonderful as it was to have a little peace with my little girl, I knew I would have to come up with a better plan.  For the immediate future my wife has agreed to pump for me so I can feed her as well, and I've given her several t-shirts of mine to wear.